The Club ultraligeros Getafe

The Club Ultraligeros Getafe is a Club that has held important events for the promotion and dissemination of the gyroplane and its relationship with the city of Getafe.

Objective Canary Islands 2007

First flight in stages between the peninsula and the Canary Islands.

Objective Canary Islands 2009

First direct flight of a rotary wing aircraft between the peninsula and the Canary Islands. First direct flight of an ultralight gyroplane between the Peninsula and the Canary Islands. In the course of this flight, two FAI (International Aeronautical Federation) records for distance and speed in ULM gyroplane were broken.


ULM gyroplane flight from Camarenilla (Toledo) to Mallorca.


First gyroplane flight to the Arctic Circle by two ULM gyroplanes in formation flight.


Circumnavigation of the Australian continent by ULM gyroplane.

The Autogiro

The Autogiro is the greatest Spanish contribution to aviation. Since the achievement of motorized flight by the Wright brothers, it is the only case of design, creation and development of a totally new, original and different flight system: the Rotary Wings.